Why Indian TV series little Krishna is so famous in our country

Little Krishna is one of the most famous and successful animated TV series in India. It is a 13 episode series created by the collaboration between BIG Animation and India Heritage Foundation. It came on the TV network Nickelodeon. As expected, it was a big hit among the Indian kids. Children loved it and watched re-runs of the episodes. There was a huge demand for a second season, but it didn’t materialise. It took years of research to make this epic series.

Little Krishna is basically about the story of Krishna`s childhood. In a prophecy, his maternal uncle Kansa was told that he will be killed by him. As a result, Krishna had to face several demons and problems, but he overcame all those. It is a battle between good and evil. Most of the times, the episodes are light-hearted, but it carried the vital message of love and harmony.

little krishna 2

This series was aimed at the age group of 7-9 years, but it gained popularity among the family too. Initially, it was made in English, but later on, it was dubbed in many other regional languages. The reason for this was the main character, Krishna. He was very mischievous and his story was full of laughter as it depicted his childhood. Krishna`s childhood attracted the targeted age group toward it. It gave the series a huge following.

The making of this animated series was not an easy task. 7 years of research and hard work was put into it. Creating Vraj which was the centre of the action was not an easy task.  It took a team of more than 250 artists to create this successful series. Kansa was a character which had to look evil and dangerous. The special effects team used various multimedia effects in creating him. It won many awards at the FICCI Frames.


The main reason why it was so successful is that the series was close to the people`s heart. It created a character in which everyone had faith. The children loved it because of the animation and the fun which Krishna had in his childhood. Everyone who watched this series related himself to it. It gave them a chance to be rooted in their tradition and at the same time the children enjoyed it. This series was only possible because of the advancement in the multimedia sector. There are many Multimedia courses which teach various animation techniques.

In the recent years, Kolkata has also seen an increase in the number of multimedia institutes. In fact, there are many options in multimedia courses in Kolkata. Hi Tech animation is a leading institute in this segment.


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