Inside Story of the Battlefield Game

The Battlefield is one of the favourite video games all around the world. Released on 10th September 2002 with the title “Battlefield 1942”, this game was first played on Microsoft and OS X.  EA DICE (the Swedish company) has developed this game and Electronic Arts (American company) was the company to publish the Battlefield.

battlefield 2

Since its introduction in 2002, 11 games and 12 expansion packs have been released till date. Unlike other shooting games, Battlefield is a typical war series focussing on some particular areas, mounted troops and vehicle weapons. The whole series has a common 6 beat sting music. This multiplayer shooting game has some less known facts which are:

  • After the release of Battlefield 2 in 2005, the players have got the opportunity to unlock various weapons based on their overall ranks and promotion according to their statistics recorded online.
  • In 2005, Battlefield 2 was released portraying the war between the USA and China. The whole set up was about the modern world, which required long patches (computing) for glitches and bugs, but despite all that, it was considered to be the most successful game in 2006 after selling around 2,250,000 copies within a year of its release.
  • On 25th October 2011, Battlefield 3 was released. Unexpectedly, this game was a huge success. Based on its review and success, Battlefield 3 got an award from IGN (Imagine Games Network).
  • Battlefield Hardline was leaked on 27th May 2014 before its actual release date 9th June 2014. It was developed by Visceral Games and the plot was different from all the previous games as it revolved around police and robbers.
  • Due to its popularity, Fox Broadcasting Company announced a one-hour TV series called Battlefield: Bad Company in October 2012, but sadly nothing materialized.
  • Many iconic weapons have been shown in the Battlefield series like AN-94 and AS-Val. This was another reason why it attracted such a following.

Initially released using Refractor game engine and on Microsoft and OS X, this game is now compatible with PS4, XONE, PC, X360. Though these facts about Battlefield are still mostly unknown, its popularity in the field of the video game is immense around the globe.

battlefield 3

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