What You Can Learn About Graphics From Tom And Jerry Show

TOM and jarry 3

If your younger years were spent watching the animated series Tom and Jerry, then I must say that you had an awesome childhood. Tom and Jerry were one of most watched animated series of its time. Released in 1940 with the title “Puss Gets the Boot” and later on the name of its protagonists, this American animated series had stolen the hearts around the globe.

Though there was hardly anything in the series that we can relate to the most recent and advanced graphics, but the evolution it showed over the years cannot be ignored. The evolution of this series was tremendous in terms of creativity and this will definitely help and motivate the graphics experts to put their efforts to create innovative works.

Graphics works of this series:

TOM and jarry

It is true that the graphics of Tom and Jerry wasn’t like the present one, but we should still give credit to the experts, who had made us laugh throughout the series with their extraordinary creativeness. Did you know that initially, the look of Tom was not the same at the time of release? The face was rounder in shape and the fur was pretty shaggy when Tom was introduced to us. Later the quality of the graphics changed and so did the overall features of Tom.

Though this animated series was released in a period when the graphics and animation weren’t that developed as they are today, but the interesting characters and the plot of this series kept the audiences hooked on. The quality of the animation and graphics kept on evolving with the change in the team and production company over the years. Initially, traditional style animation was used in creating Tom and Jerry. It was basically handmade drawings which were later converted into cartoons.

TOM and jarry 2

The bond between the two characters in the series was something which was never seen before apart from the animation. The story and the characters were quite unique and unheard of in those times. Unlike the present animation serials, Tom and Jerry was a non-violent series and typically meant for the children.The recall value of this series is very high among all age groups.

The demand for graphics designing in Kolkata is increasing day by day. The techniques of creating animation graphics for an animated series in television, movies and advertisement can be learnt in any graphic designing institutes. Graphic designing has a bright future.


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