Top 3 Pixar Animated Movies

Incorporated on 3rd February 1986, Pixar Animation Studios has always entertained us with its unique and creative animation works. Its movies are not only children oriented, but also covers all age groups as it believes that animated movies shouldn’t only be associated with kids, but should have a story to attract people from all age groups. This is the reason why all Pixar movies are famous among adults too. Talking about top 3 Pixar animated movies, my list looks like this:

Finding Dory:

finding dory

Finding Dory is a Pixar’s recent animated movie which released in 2016. Pixar had used RenderMan RIS (animation software) for the first time while developing the animation for this movie. This software helped the animators to create different effects and lights in a short period of time. Sequel of Finding Nemo, this movie has better animation and graphics than its prequel. From creating waves, water splashes to different types of water species and their real movement in the water were the creation of RenderMan RIS.

Toy story 3:

toy story 3

Released in 2010, Toy Story 3 was the third part of the animated movie series “Toy Story” (1995). Toy Story 3 animation was not only critically acclaimed but was a commercial hit as well.  This 3D animation work won many awards. It was the third highest commercially successful animated movie of all time and the total gross revenue was more than 1 billion US dollars worldwide. It took more than 1 year to recreate all the models in 3D animation from the scratch and the efforts really paid off. Apart from the different awards, this movie won the 83rd Academy Awards for the Best Animated Feature as well.



Up was the first 3D animation movie which started the Cannes Film Festival (2009). The pre-production work started in 2004. The animators flew to the wilds of South America and took pictures of different species for the development of the animated creatures. The animators admitted that creating the real clothes for the characters (caricatured humans) of this movie was much more difficult in comparison to creating the sequence of millions of balloons flying the house. Nominated for five categories and winning two of them, Best Animated Feature and Best Original score in 82nd Academy Awards, this movie was truly one of the best Pixar animated movies of all time.

These works are the perfect example of the innovative and unique works of Pixar Animation Studios. From the inclusion of different types of effects to introducing advanced techniques of animations, the animated work has always amazed the viewers. You can also learn these skills from an animation academy in Kolkata.


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