3 Best Animated Movies Of 2015

With the advent of advanced types of animation (3D animation), the demand for animation has extended to other fields as well. The numbers of animated movies and series have also increased in numbers and that too with better quality. Advanced types of 2D and 3D animation have made the work of animators quite easier. It takes less time to create an animation in comparison to the traditional animation and this is the reason why we enjoy better and more animated movies than earlier. In 2015, we have witnessed some good animation works in the form of movies and the three best-animated movies among them are:


Inside Out: Inside Out is a story about a young girl, Riley Andersen, who moved to San Francisco from her birthplace, Minnesota. The five emotions Joy, Sad, Anger, Fear and Disgust have also started to develop in her mind. They live in a console in her mind’s Headquarters, where the Joy tries to isolate Riley from other negative emotions which come to her mind. The director of this movie, Pete Docter, had asked the animation supervisors to push the level of graphics caricature and avoid following the RenderMan model and use a technique, which they had never done earlier.


Minions: This animated movie is about small yellow creators, who used to serve the great historical personality Napoleon, but after accidentally killing their own master, they had been exiled, where they decided to start a new and fresh life. After some years passed, the minions started feeling distressed and restless without a leader. A brave minion, Kevin, decided to find a leader and asked others to help him in his journey. Though, this movie failed to impress the critics but succeeded in setting a box office record.


Shaun the Sheep: Shaun the Sheep is a production of a British animation company, Aardman Animations. This movie is based on a famous animated series with the same title. The story centres on Shaun, (a sheep), who works at the farm with his flock. Shaun is tired of doing the same repetitive work every day and decides to take a break and move towards the city with his flock for some fun. This movie was critically appreciated and did well at the box office too.

These animated movies have not only entertained us but also contributed a lot in the field of animation by inventing some innovative animation techniques. You can also learn animation by choosing animation courses offered by various animation institutes.


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