Inside Story Of Animation Game Hitman


Hitman is a famous video game developed by a Danish company IO Interactive. Its publisher is Square Enix and is one of the famous video game franchise around the world. It is available on various platforms, such as Windows, Xbox, Playstation2, Xbox 360 and Playstation3. The franchise carried on from the game to a novel and later on to a movie. There were two movies made. The movies were also a big commercial success. The franchise has its own cult following. The story is about the main protagonist who is also known as Agent 47. He is very ruthless, flawless and never misses a target. He is in huge demand for making contract killings.


Following are the inside story of the animated game:

  • The main objective of the game is to eliminate the target given. There are many options provided to complete the task. The players earn a rank according to their performances. The agency which controls Hitman is called International Contracts Agency. Its main function is to facilitate the assassination of the people worldwide.
  • It is quite a violent game. It is full of blood and explicit content. There is a parental guidance which should be strictly adhered to. Young children should not be allowed to play or watch this game.
  • One can kill the targets in many ways. You can either kill using a gun, by throwing a grenade or by simply picking a thing which is lying on the ground. You can also kill by using the knife and also use a fibre wire to strangulate the target.
  •  There are many situations based assassination programs. For example, you have to poison a person`s meal or cause a heart attack by locking the target in a sauna with high temperatures. One also has to disguise as a doctor and kill the target as instructed.
  • Agent 47 is designed by reengineering DNA of the world`s five most dangerous criminals. Jacob Andersen who is the lead designer of the game has said that initially Hitman was supposed to look like a mean old hairy guy. It was really challenging on the part of the animators to create Hitman in such a way that he looked menacing and simple both at the same time. One can learn these things by getting enrolled in a 3D animation course in Kolkata.
  •  Hitman: Tactics was in a development phase during 2006, but it was shelved due to unknown reasons.


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