Top 5 Animation Movies Famous For Animating Animals

Animation is generally meant or the kids and they love animals of various kinds. So, it is natural that animated movies with animated animal characters will be a big hit. As the quality of animation has improved in the last few years, the creators of animated movies are coming up with a better quality of animated animal characters. Below are the top 5 animated movies famous for animated animals:


  • The Lion King: It is an animation masterpiece created by the Walt Disney group in the year 1994. It was a big hit and has a cult following even today. The main character Simba is loved even today. The movie had almost all the wild animals present in the jungle. This animated movie was well received all over the world.  The movie was a big success at the box office. The relationship between the father Mufasa and his son Simba was well portrayed on the screen.


  • Finding Dory: This is a story about a fish called Dory, who loses memory every 10 seconds. It was created by Pixar Animation studio and was released in 2016. The movie is about the journey of finding her parents with the help of Marlin and Nemo. It had all the species of fish. The movie depicted the water world beautifully. It had beautiful animation.


  • Zootopia: Zootopia released in 2016 and it was a Walt Disney Animation studio`s creation. The film`s story had a rabbit police officer and a cunning fox as its two main characters. The film had many different animal species living in a world dominated by only the animals.


  • Finding Nemo: It was another masterpiece by the Walt Disney Group in 2003. It was the first movie in the Finding Nemo series. It is a story about Marlin, whose son is kidnapped in the sea and he ventures out to bring him home. The movie was very pleasing to the eye, as Walt Disney created the water world with all fishes perfectly.


  • Shrek: Shrek was a 2001 animated movie with animated animals in it. It was a big hit. In the movie, a princess is kidnapped by an evil creature and Shrek, an ogre decides to rescue her. It had many animals like a donkey and a dinosaur in it. The demand for animation courses in Kolkata has gone up.

With the development in the field of animation, the quality of the animated movies is increasing day by day. Hi-Tech Animation is the best animation institute in Kolkata.


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