Visual Effects Of The Movie Star Trek


Star Trek is a very famous American sci-fi movie which released in 2009. It was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It was directed by J.J. Abrams. It was the 11th movie of this famous franchise. Paramount Pictures was the distributor. It was a reboot movie with all the main characters in it.  It was a big hit at the box office and was well received all over the world. It has a huge fan following, with people of all ages.

This movie used many visual effects to make it stand out. The story happens in the 23rd century. A spaceship attacks the Kelvin. The ship captain Robau is called for questioning and is killed. Kirk leaves his pregnant wife and collides with Nevada. He dies as he wants his son to live. Later on, a young Spock joins Starfleet. The young Kirk is irresponsible and he also joins Starfleet. They both get off the wrong foot, but later on, they patch up.  Kirk rebels and is marooned on a remote place. He is later made the captain and wages a war against the evil forces.


This movie had some very good special effects. In fact, all the Star Trek instalments were way ahead of their times. In February 2007, Abrams agreed to come on board as the director of the movie. It was quite difficult to design for this movie, as it had to look relevant to the TV series. Around 1000 special effects were created for this movie mostly by Industrial Light & Magic Company. Roger Guyett and Russell Earl were the two visual effects supervisors. Roger had earlier collaborated with Abrams on another successful movie Mission Impossible 3.


Abrams didn’t like the idea of shooting with the blue and green screen. ILM worked for the first time in a movie like this. Special attention was given to the making of the spaceship. Roger wanted the new ship to look more mobile and modern as compared to the older version of it. A NASA employee was also consulted in making this movie. Bana was also specially designed by Lola visual effects to give the perfect look. The movie was full of new and better special effects which kept the audiences hooked on and begging for more.

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