Tarzan- Animated Movie Vs. The Legend Of Tarzan

Tarzan`s life is a famous adventure story which is loved by everyone all over the world. The story is based on a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is a story about the boy Tarzan who grows up in the jungle with the animals due to some unforeseen circumstances. The movie was made twice, once by Walt Disney and later by Jerry Weintraub and his team.

There are many differences and similarities between both the movies.


Walt Disney produced Tarzan and released in 1999. It was directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima. It was the first animated movie based on the famous book about Tarzan. It was quite successful at the box office and it was critically acclaimed too. The story revolved around Tarzan who was shipwrecked along with his parents on an island. The parents are killed by the apes and Tarzan is rescued by a female gorilla Kala.


She raises him and he grows along with the other animals. The life of the gorillas is in great danger as few people from England come into the forest. Jane is one of them. He falls for her and somehow is misguided by a hunter in the group named Clayton, who is adamant about capturing the gorillas. There is a fight between the two sides and eventually, Tarzan wins and is named the leader of the gorillas. Kevin Lima was not fully prepared to work on this movie, but somehow he got convinced after reading the book. He also brought along his friend Chris. Paris and Burbank were the two animation points for making this movie. Tarzan was the first Disney`s animated character which showed all the muscles perfectly. The production team came up with a 3d painting technique to create the background.


The legend of Tarzan is the most recent movie based on the adventures of Tarzan. In this movie, he is already married to Jane and lives in England. He returns with his wife to Africa to see the condition of the people living there. His wife is kidnapped and he rescues her with a help of an American. The movie revolves around the search for his wife and how he copes with the jungle on returning back. The photography for the movie was held at the Warner Bros. studio. This movie was a big success at the box office. It was a far better movie in terms of special effects as compared to the animated one which released in 1999. It was all possible because of the improved animation courses.

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