Why I Love The Movie Ratatouille


Pixar always invests in a project, which has the capability to entertain the audiences and this is the reason I always look forward to watching its production work. There are a number of Pixar’s movies which I love watching again and again. Ratatouille is one of them. This American animated comedy film was released in 2007. From the story to the techniques used in the film, there are enough reasons for a person to fall for this animated movie and following are the reason why I loved this movie.


The story is about a young, talented and an aspiring rat, Remy, who has a great sense of taste about spices and food. He wants to become a great chef, just like his idol Auguste Gusteau, who died recently in the movie. An old French lady came to know about the clan of Remy in her house. Remy’s family has to flee and Remy gets separated during that chaos. He ends up in the sewer of Gusteau’s restaurant and the story continues. The idea of the story came up in the mind of Jan Pinkava, but due to lack of confidence to take it further, it was handed over to the director Brad Bird by Pixar. Bird made a lot of changes in the story, which clicked really well and it showed at the box office too.


As far as the techniques are concerned, the experts have done a tremendous job. There are some sequences of water, sewer to be precise in the movie. For the creation of those sequences, the experts had to dive in the water with the chef clothes, to check which part of the cloth is stuck with the body and which part is looking translucent. In fact, the animators admitted that those scenes were more difficult to create than creating the whale scene in the movie Finding Nemo.  The VFX team has done their part quite well in the creation of foods and different dishes with the help of CGI (Computer Generated Images). The dishes were created with the help of Art, Shades, Effects and Set Modelling department. Music was given by Giacchino and it won the Grammy Award for the Best Score Soundtrack Album. He was also nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Original Score. Pixar’s incredible animation and VFX works have contributed a lot in developing these fields. In fact, the demand for VFX in Kolkata has also increased a lot among the students.


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