3 Best known Indian Animation film

India has progressed immensely when it comes to the making of animation films. There are many great animation films made in India and here I present the best 3 of all time.

  1. Delhi Safari

Animation Film

Delhi Safari is Indian bilingual stereoscopic 3D computer-animated comedy feature film. Delhi Safari won the National Award for the Best Animation Film of the year 2012. Annecy Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film fests in this country.

The premise of Delhi Safari is an admirable one: Faced with the destruction of their habitat so that humans could construct an “eco-friendly” luxury housing development outside Mumbai, a bunch of wisecracking jungle animals team up and take their case to the seat of government in Delhi.

The film received excellent praise from the entire nation because of its animation features.

The creation of characters like a militant dancing monkey, an emotional talking parrot who speaks “human”, a protective mother leopard and her brave cub and a bear called XXL Bagga survive a succession of scrapes to reach Delhi and make their grand environmental statement. Such characters are well loved and appreciated by the audience.


  1. Mahabharat

Animation Film

Based on the epic mythological narrative, this film was created in 3D and voicing some of the best Bollywood actors as well.

The film has many critical acclaims which state that it is the best 3D animated film ever made in India. This film has used beyond imagination animation techniques and excellent picturization of the events in full details.

The detailing that has been done in 3D format is also worth noticing as it is not seen in many films all the time. This film has also taken breathtaking efforts in the context of applying the scenarios to the full-fledged extent.


  1. Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang


Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang is a 2008 Indian animated comedy film directed by R D Mallik. This film has highlighted the fact that animation can be inculcated even to the minute details as it is done here. In this particular film, hundreds of ants are shown and there has been absolutely no mistake in showing an animated of such a large mass.

Despite the fact that this film has been widely loved and praised it’s animation variation can’t be questioned.


Now since you’ve seen these amazing films, you might just want to design your own characters and you should know that it’s no toughie to do so. Anyone including you can learn the craft of craft of animation and design your own characters. Animation institutes across the nation provide thousands of opportunities to its students. 2D and 3D animation courses further provide you opportunities in the entertainment industry to work as VFX and animation artists. Give it a hand and explore the extensively creative and vast world of animation to create your own imagination into reality.


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