What Are The Most Difficult Parts Of Web Designing?


In web designing, the hardest part at the beginning stages of the design process is conceptualizing the potential final form of the overall design for the end use. As such, that calls for several alternative designs for the client’s choosing, and that can be hard as hell. The client isn’t necessarily sure what he wants until the designer crystallizes the thoughts for him in the alternative designs. Basically it is to be understood that in web designing you’re applying at least two programming languages (i.e. JavaScript and Java), two markup languages (CSS and HTML) and then whatever frameworks and components in those languages you’re looking to leverage.


You’re also biting off a metric ton of learning without a strong conceptual foundation.  You don’t start with something like jQuery or Backbone!  You need to focus on understanding the basic web development model: HTML, Form processing, HTML DOM model, server-side components and patterns such as Servlets and Model-View-Controller and back-end interaction such as with a database.  Understand what each of the layers does before you start getting into the advanced stuff.  Without an understanding of the foundation of the web, you’re going to struggle a lot longer than you need to.

Perhaps the most important step in the process of web design, the design consultation is the opportunity to surface ideas. By understanding the purpose you have for your website, it is then possible to build your web presence to reflect both your business and your company culture. The nuts and bolts (code) of your website are then created, using current best-practices with adherence to web-standards. Attention given to the technical details will make your website more visible to search engines and more easily updated in the future.


The very process of using creativity to design and construct a website and updating it regularly to incorporate changes is also referred to as web designing. Besides the creation and updating, this concept also involves taking care of the user interface, the architecture of information present, the layout, the colors, content, navigation ergonomics, as well as the designs of the various icons. Some other areas in web design include search engine optimization, user experience designs, standardized codes, graphic design, as well as interface design.

The hardest thing about web designing does not know when to stop. It’s a very common trait throughout design that web designers do not know when to shut down the computer and stop working. The reality one finds them in is that once they leave their desk they’re still tethered to work through phone, emails and social media.

One can opt for good web designing courses in order to learn the craft well and further implement it for career prospects.


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