The Animation Story Of Bal Ganesha


Bal Ganesh is a 2007 computer-animated musical feature film directed by Pankaj Sharma. The film is about the adventures and hijinks of Lord Ganesh, the Hindu elephant-headed god, when he was a baby. The Crocodile Demon is brought to life by his devil followers to create terror on the earth and to create a havoc, Bal Hanuman comes to the rescue & teaches all demons a lesson.

That said, the animated characters of Bal Ganesh are emotive (excellent work done by the voice over artists). The animated characters of Lord Ganesha and Mooshak are consistently endearing throughout the film as they go about their naughty antics. Its fun watching the child Ganesha constantly gets into trouble with his mother and his attempts to pin his folly on Mooshak. The film is stronger in content and the animation quality is also superior this time. The sequel to “Bal Ganesha” has not really been promoted. But the animation is of high order, characters are fleshed out well, the story is interesting, the music is catchy and most important there are enough rib tickling moments that will keep kids rolling with laughter.


The animation creator is to be given the larger credit for all the animation work in the movie. Now, it is to be understood that there aren’t a lot of animated films made on mythological characters which can gain success. However, Bal Ganesha has managed to withstand as one of the most efficiently animated films of all time. In addition to this, Bal Ganesh did a very good business in the theatres and gained popularity among the children across the nation. The animation creator of this film has broken all the barriers of animation and brought to us the frontal face of Indian animation capabilities.


Animation films are always targeted towards the children and they tend to grasp their attention with all the small tricks and techniques throughout the film. This film was more than successful in grasping the audience and fan base for the film. Now we also need to get the fact straight that the film didn’t just become the talk of the town and the most happening Indian animated movie by just its storyline or climax but it took a lot of tedious effort for the animation creators to design the amazing appealing characters and inculcate the animation tactics all along the film.

In conclusion, we get the fact that this particular film and all the rest of its counterparts were equally amazing in that sense. Animation has taken a facet of change for all the different genres of films including Indian mythology which people often think that is sidetracked from the mainstream media.


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