VFX Story Of The Movie Sultan


Salman Khan’s Sultan is one of the biggest hits this year. The film went on to earn Rs 300 crore and earned acclaim too. This was also perhaps the most honest portrayal by Salman on screen. A lot has gone behind making it a super hit film and VFX is one of them. The production house released the VFX video of the film and it’s damn interesting. VFX technology has been brilliantly used to create the crowd in Salman’s wrestling matches, to eliminate his action director in a scene, modify the natural light according to the scene, and to create all structures in the background during Salman’s run to catch a kite. The green sheet is replaced with what is actually seen on the screen.

VFX has become an important tool for every film nowadays, for which a substantial amount of the film’s budget is being utilized. Sultan had many fight scenes and large crowd sequences in the film, in order to create these scenes visual effects was used by the VFX artists who could bring it to reality. Other than this the movie had immense amount of effects included which were appreciated by the critics all over the country. It’s very compelling to see how the special effects were used. Now we all knew the fight sequences are the handiwork of visual effects but there were other instances too where it was used. The combat sequences were very neatly done.


Considering the fact that this film was based on wrestling, its scale was obviously larger than any other Bollywood flick. While the actor really worked hard on his body and build, the technology also played an important role in bringing to you what you really saw on the screen. Today many movies scene editing are using VFX technology. The visual effects used in the movie can be seen easily in the video. One can see how visual effects have added value to the film. In one sequence, Salman can be seen jumping with a green background. But in the movie, the viewer sees Salman jumping from a building to another in Old Delhi. In another interesting scene, Salman is seen dancing on the popular number 440 volt. But in the movie, one sees firecrackers emanating from his hands.


Interestingly, this is not the first time that Bollywood filmmakers have used this technology. Earlier, this VFX magic was seen in SS Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’, Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ra.One’, and Akshay Kumar’s ‘Oh! My God’ and many other films. In addition to this Sultan was considered as one of the finest works in the fields of VFX in Bollywood. Altogether the entire VFX work that was inculcated in the movie resulted into a fully fledged success in the screens. The movie became a milestone in terms of getting inspiration for the VFX artists as well.


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