5 Most Useful Tools To Design A High Quality Website



Pixate is an app that has been created for making intuitive, interactive prototypes for iOS and Android. In order to make websites this particular application is very useful and efficient. One can rely on this application for making some major as well as basic changes that are required in a website. Pixate makes web designing much simpler and extremely tangible to the designer. The app allows you to build up an asset library really quickly. To start creating your prototype, just drag and drop your assets into the app and you’ll find them in your layers palette ready to use.

 Adobe Photoshop

Globally hailed as the most powerful image editing software available, Photoshop continues to lead the pack with every new release. Not only is it a fully featured image editing suite, it also is considered the standard in many web design circles. This is important for you as a web designer if you plan on working with customers who have an existing web presence. When you are going through a web designing course in Kolkata, you will learn that how important and efficient this particular application is in the field of web designing.



Although not very popular this particular application is very good at the work it does. Though just a subliminal application Antetype, is a new tool for creating responsive UIs for apps and websites. It feels like it’s been built to do just one job really well: to create high-fidelity prototypes. This application does take all the possible measures to make sure how a website can be made better.


Browser Sandbox

As a web designer, you probably have at least three different browsers installed on your computer at any given time. This allows you to render your web design in these various browsers to ensure format compatibility across anticipated platforms. Browser Sandbox is a tool that allows you to run different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera from one browser window. This step can save you hours of development time as you add or modify features.


This particular application was built keeping the designers in mind. The best part about this application is that without touching any code you can create responsive designs that look and work great across all devices. This is the USP of this particular application. The code the app produces is actually really well constructed and semantic. This is usually where apps like these falls down, but Macaw has managed some kind of code magic and got it right!


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