5 Things To Keep In Mind For A Successful VFX Career


Watch Movies

Yes, you’re reading this right! Watch plenty of movies with visual effects. Learn about the history of how visual effects came into being. You’ll actually discover a whole bunch of really cool movies you probably didn’t know even existed. Watch the newer ones, too. Read up about how different effects were created. This will give you a perspective on how far the visual effects industry has come. Learn about art and art history – many visual effects are stylized forms of what’s already out there. Draw, sketch and create as much artwork as you can.


There are no half measures when it comes to becoming a VFX artist. Because you are most likely going to be self-employed, no one is going to motivate you other than you. That requires self confidence and self knowledge. You need to know absolutely that you want to be a VFX artist, if it’s just half an idea or a vague plan you won’t be able to stick at it in the long term. It’s yourself belief and determination that will get you through the challenge of establishing yourself. Once you know what you want that’s half the battle.

Find a Mentor

A mentor is one who will share his experiences and wisdom to help you prepare for your journey into the visual effects industry. Your mentor can be a lecturer, senior colleague or any other industry professional that believes in your capabilities and will share his wisdom without any prejudices. And this means you will need VFX training to help you get the art and become a professional.

Know Your Basics

It is vital that you learn your fundamentals before trying anything fancy. Learn your software well and play around with it. Use online tutorials when you get stuck. Not every studio you will work at will use the same software. So the more you experiment, the easier it will be to adapt your skills. Start off by being a generalist.

Enroll in a Good Visual Effects Course

Although you can learn a lot off the internet, a good VFX course will allow you to learn directly from experienced professionals. Choose a Visual Effects program from a school that will teach you a broad array of VFX skills. A good VFX school will also give you the opportunity to network with professionals from various studios in the field. This is vital as networking can help you build your contacts and learn about job opportunities in the field.


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