Why A Large Number Of Students Want To Build A Career In Visual Effects And Animation?

Animation and VFX

This is common knowledge that VFX and animation have a bright future in today’s day and age. The animation industry is expanding at a robust growth making significant and remarkable changes. The entertainment industry has huge demand for animators and this will continue to grow as time passes by. Not to forget that it is used in almost all aspects of the industry are it film, advertising, cartoons, commercials etc. And about VFX, we all know that any film that is released in today’s time uses a certain amount of VFX.

Although in case of action movies they are shot behind green screens only and the effects are put with VFX only. Visual effects and animation are extensively progressive career choices and you will have a number of career opportunities if you opt for this filed. You can discover your specific field of interest in animation and that could be anything from 3D animation, designing and many more to choose from. The same thing goes for VFX as well. You can choose which job you will do the best.

In addition to this, one must understand that animation and VFX will continue to evolve keeping in mind the technical advances that take place. Other than that it is essential to keep in mind that the field will just keep on progressing. Numbers of studios abroad keep looking for a lot of animators and VFX artists from India. There will always be abundance of work available in this field considering how the demand of modern audience is.

Seeing the prospects of this field a large number of youth decides to enroll in this field for a good career. Everybody has creative instincts; they just need to be encouraged, nurtured and taught. Agreed that ‘creativity’ is nature’s gift, some are more gifted others, but it is hard to believe that an average individual does not have any creative streak whatsoever. It is more likely that it may not have yet been realized and/or recognized. Animation is a craft practiced by skilled people, and skills as we know can be acquired.

Major movie studios from the US and the UK often outsource VFX work to India (and other countries like New Zealand and Canada) to save on labor costs. A big reason for the outflow of work to India is that language barriers are non-existent as English is the primary language of higher education and professional communication here. Earlier, Indian studios would only be entrusted to create visual effects for secondary shots but now it has now become fairly common for them to receive the entire visual effects work for a film.


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