Why present generation of teenagers should join animation courses after 12th?

animation academy

Over the past couple of years we have seen a huge rush of teenage population driven towards the animation world. This positive drive shows how progressive the animation has become just in the past couple of years and how far it can go. The thing is many students are practical about their career choices in life. Just think about it; why study for 3 or four tedious long years a theoretical subject that barely has anything interesting when you can complete a curse within 12-18 months and get a secured job.

If you have a flair for art, drawing, illustrations or animation then you must consider joining an animation course after 12th. Hi-tech animation institute Kolkata offers the best animation course in the city. Being the only animation institute with its own production studio the top companies in the media business prefer to hire from us. Thus, guaranteeing you a good job.

Turn to any direction you want and you will find yourself surrounded with animated content. Be it cartoons, films, television, banners, advertisement, marketing, e-learning, logo designing and so many more. The demand for animators has increased three-fold over the past 2-3 years and it is promised to double up in the upcoming years. The animation industry in India has shown a positive growth of 44% in such a short span of time.

There is no field deprived of animation and requirement of talented young animators. All you need after completing 12th is willingness to learn and the passion to create something new. The dynamic world of animation awaits you.

You can use it to bring your creative imagination to life. The best part is that Hi-Tech Animation will provide you with 100% placement assistance; it has always been our primary consideration. Hence, students who are creative and looking for the best career option, an animation course are the right path for you. Within a couple of months you will be trained professionals with jobs at your palms.

Our young generation of teens is known for making wise and pragmatic decisions. After 12th standard, the wisest will be to follow your passion because we promise to give you the wings you deserve. This animation course at out animation institute in Kolkata will be the first footstep towards a bright and prosperous career.


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