VFX of “THE CONJURING 2”, the reason behind your goosebumps

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Whenever we start talking about horror movies no one forgets “The Conjuring 2”. Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren’s documented stories always send a chill down your spine. This film has such unexpected and shocking moments that even adults get nightmares after watching it.

Relax! We are not trying to scare you off. The authenticity of your fear says that the VFX artists have won their battle. It is about time that the visual effects artist and the post production team get some due credit for sure.

Lorraine’s visions are shot completely in front of green screens and the special CGI effects are added with VFX later in the post production. Other than that Valek (the demon) was also a product of lot of visual effects. Sure the actor has makeup on but to show it coming out of portraits and show it flying was something that a camera couldn’t shoot.

The Conjuring 2 was the second part of this film series. Although there was no story link from the previous one but the demonologists (Ed and Lorraine) were the same. This film was said to be based on a true incident.

The very famous climax scene of this film was purely a work of visual effects and its magic. There were merely some props and green screens with appropriate lighting. The rest of it was done with VFX only.

The director, James Wan said that he was terrified in so many scenes. The visual effects were the reason you were filled with goosebumps throughout this film. After watching The Conjuring 2 you must start with the best VFX course right away. Once you have learned from a reputed institute you can absolutely work on big projects like this or even become an art director.

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This is the best VFX course that you can opt for and become an expert in your field.


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