Movies that mark the VFX growth in Indian Film Industry

vfx course

From Padmavat to 2.0; Bollywood is setting ablaze all the VFX limitations that one could have pre conceived. The journey of VFX in Indian film industry began long back. With the advent of Computer Graphics in Hollywood in the 1970s, the Indian films motivated themselves for betterment in 1980s. India’s first Computer graphics facilities arrived and led by Prasad Video Digital which later formed Prasad EFX who imported the first film scanners and recorders to India and further pioneered the digital image revolution in India.

The first fully computer graphic film in India was Ammoru, a Telegu film in which the graphics were by Hollywood technician Christopher Stanley Holmes. Indian film industry has not looked back since. Today the films that we watch reflect Hollywood level of visual effects and post-production. The extra large budget that is invested in the films doesn’t go in vain but take a huge chunk of the post-production.

vfx course

Later in the 20th-century films like Chennai Express, Om Shanti Om, Dhoom 3, Krrish and Dilwale are the budding exponents of Visual effects talent that we have. A lot of travel and location issues have been eradicated due to this reason too.

 vfx course in india

How can we talk about visual effects in Bollywood and not mention Baahubali? Both the movies were the largest visual effects production in Indian film history. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire film was practically shot in front of green screens. When you take a look at the before-after sequences of this film it becomes pretty evitable that you have been drooling over nothing but artificial imagery for so long.

vfx course

Period films are practically nothing without CGI. Right from building the forts to crowd multiplication, creating ancient backdrops and a lot many things are done completely with the use of CGI. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, Saawariya, and Padmavat are examples of how much of a strong influence VFX is.

Indian VFX industry is worth billions and the last couple of years marked an average growth of 44%. It is steadier and more pacing than any other industry in this nation. This being the reason the scope of a VFX course is huge. No matter where you do a VFX the job opportunities will spurt out for you. A Visual effects course in Kolkata or for that matter anywhere in India will be your gateway to creativity and success. The Indian film industry is the proof for that.


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