Dwayne Johnson’s “San Andreas” VFX mind blowing breakdown

San andreas

Dwayne Johnson starring San Andreas was a path breaking film directed by Brad Peyton. A lot of people call it “The Rock’s” best performance till date. San Andreas is story of heroism, bravery, war, courage and saving the nation. The film had death defining actions. Scanline VFX left no stone unturned to create a shocking yet mind blowing turn of events.

The earthquake shots where the cities were getting disrupted were filmed with great amount of visual effects manipulation. Dwayne Johnson might have given a breath taking performance but it was the visual effects which made all the difference. The VFX of this film was a whole another level of art that was witnesses.

More VFX details

The film used multiple numbers of frames in various shots resulting to create the best and the most prolific action stunts of Hollywood. Once you view the before and after shots of these films it will appear clear to you as how visual effects transformed the face of this film.

The scene where Dwayne Johnson glides down from a helicopter was done with harness and a green screen in the background. Whenever you saw the buildings collapse and ravishing dust getting the city collapsed it all happened because of the visual effects artists.

The extras on the film wore green colored suits so that false CGI could be done on them while editing. So the next time you are watching San Andreas or any other action or thriller film just know the hard work that VFX artists have inculcated in making the film happen.

Hi-Tech’s best VFX course would teach you how using visual effects you can alter anything. No film in today’s time is possible to be made without a certain amount of visual effects in it. It certainly is the best VFX institute in India; being the only institute with a production studio it has earned a reputation of being among the top.



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