What Is The Prospect Of 3D Animation Job In Kolkata?

3D animation job in Kolkata

The animation is the highest grossing media content in the entertainment industry. At present, the industry is marked at billions of dollars. With the vivid sectors where it is at maximum demand, it is expected to continue growing triple the rate for the next couple of decades too. We live in such a complicit small world that the value of animated content just keeps soaring higher.

Right from advertisement, films, digital platforms, TV, individual production and etc to academics; they are all engulfed. There are no constraints to how far this industry is going to leap. The number of 3D animation jobs in Kolkata has increased by a magnanimous 45% over the last few years. That is greater than any other sector of the media and entertainment business.

Kolkata, other than being a notable metro city is also a very creative hub. Art, creativity, and animation evolve here faster than any other part of the nation. The consumption of media content is relatively higher here than any other city in the nation. The number of Animation Company in Kolkata has also increased over the past few years. A lot of channels are producing their individual content along with artists who are showcasing their talent via mediums of digital platforms and cartoon shows.

The number of animation enthusiasts keeps increasing by 12% at least every year. That is a very positive sign in the expansion of the field. That goes without saying that the prospect of animation is beyond any comparison in these times. If you select a course in this field then you are guaranteed success and prosperity. It goes without saying that you shall be doing well in your career if you decide to pursue this field.

More about the prospects

The prospects are increasing not only because of the studios and production houses in India but also because a lot of foreign companies outsource their work here. A bunch of international companies tends to outsource their projects to Indian companies because of the quality of standard work. The factor of cheap labor is also a reason. There is absolutely no shortage of the amount of work which you can find in this scenario. You can find a bunch of different studios that will be willing to hire you if you show reasonable potential.

People can get six-figure salaries with good experience and talented work potential. How often can people say that they get paid six figures for literally creating their imagination? You can feed your creative satisfaction while making a comfortable living for yourself by the side.

In the next three years, the field is expected to grow their employment opportunities by over ten million new vacancies. Now that is gigantic. Keeping in mind that the supply and demand crunch is still very much relevant, one simply cannot ignore the magnanimous potential it offers. There are over 25% vacancies which remain open at the end of each academic session. But since the awareness and popularity of this course keep growing; we are seeing a larger demand for people to pursue this field.

If you have any inclination towards animation or learning these skills then join an institute now. As we discussed earlier, there is an abundance of scope and prospect lying around for one to succeed.


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