How Animation Can Be A Better Career After 12th?

B.Sc degree in multimedia

Choosing the right course after 12th often appears to be a difficult task for the students. Today’s youth do not want to just get into the regular courses of engineering, medicine, commerce, and arts. They want to study and build a career on something that they love as well.

Animation for Youngsters

We see a lot of young generation teenagers trying their hands on editing, animation and VFX through available software on the internet and later upload the same on the video platform of YouTube. Sometimes their edit and VFX surprise the viewers too.

Take Shivam Jemini for example. He has been a Shah Rukh Khan fan who re-edited the trailer of the movie Fan replacing himself in the place of SRK in every shot. The video turned out to be so flawless, that even Shah Rukh Khan was pleasantly surprised and later went on to offer Shivam a job on Twitter.

If you are one those creative youngsters who have a knack in drawing and love to express your imagination and creativity by using technology at its best – You are a person fit to pursue a career in animation.

Right after 12th, one can enroll himself or herself in any of the animation courses suitable for him or her. The animation courses in Kolkata are designed in a way that gives the students every opportunity to learn animation as per industry standards and make way for them to work in a real environment and real projects by using all the upgraded and modern software.

Demand for Animators

Animation, presently, is high in demand service. The requirement of VFX and animation is in films, commercials, television, digital and gaming industry. But talented professionals with an academic background and professional training are less in the market in comparison to the demand.

So if you love animation and you aren’t interested enough to get into the conventional field of academics, you may choose a graduation course in animation post your 12th boards.

Animation courses in Kolkata offer digital design courses, 2 D animation filmmaking sessions, web designing, advertising and brand designing, portfolio creation, research project, internships and much more.

Career Options Available From Animation

There are multiple career options open to students post their BSc in animation

Graphic Designing

Web Designing

Game Designing

Flash and Character Animation


VFX Artist

2D and 3D Animator

Story Board

Matte Painting

The option of Dual Career

Animation courses also allow you to work as an independent animator. It offers the option of dual professionalism – as a professional or as a freelancer.

If you have the technology in hand, an animation professional can work from anywhere at any time.

Hence, if you are in 12th, you love drawing, outlining and technology; you may simply choose to go for graduation in animation without further confusion and thoughts.

It will deliver you with some real experience in creating animation and give you the academic background and the experience required to start it off well in the real world.


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