Do Animation Training Institutes in Kolkata Offer Courses for Working Professionals?


hitech animation

Learning has no age and you do not need to be of a certain young age in order to learn animation. Animation is a creative art form which has great job opportunities. Being an animator means that you can work in multiple industries with great job prospects.

If you happen to be a working professional who wants to learn animation now, then hat is absolutely great. Learning and ambition for career should always be encouraged. You can definitely join an animation training course in Kolkata and become an animator.

Which course should I join?

Since there are so many animation institutes in Kolkata, you might wonder which one to choose. We would say that Hi-Tech Animation is the best animation institute in Kolkata. The course offered here is inclusive and of the highest level. It is very professional and students get to learn from the best industry professionals.

The reason we are asking you to choose Hi-Tech because it is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). Being awarded by such a prestigious university makes it great for learning and even for placements.

• Hi-Tech Animation offers 100% placement assistance to all its students after the completion of their training.

• Students get placed in top studios and companies. The best students of the class get directly absorbed in Hi-Tech very own leading production studio.

• The best companies choose to hire students from Hi-Tech instead of other typical animation colleges because it has a production house of its own.

Hi-Tech’s production house is estimated to grow five fold in the upcoming years. It curates content for leading regional and national channels.

The courses are flexibly designed to incorporate the modern industrial needs. Students learn from actual professionals who have had working experience in the industry. You get to know the tricks of the trade as well along with the regular modules of your training.

Hence, learning animation at Hi-Tech would be an enriching and enlightening experience for anyone, whether they are a working professional or not. But if you would like to get more details about the admission, fees and etc then feel free to reach out to us.

Good Luck!

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