How Much Does An Animation & Multimedia Course In Kolkata Cost?

Kolkata has always been the hub of art and talent. With time and media evolution, modern technology has also infused with this culture. Fields like animation and multimedia have made a solid breakthrough in his city. These are among the highest-grossing fields in the media and entertainment business.


An animation and multimedia course in Kolkata is your gateway to a high paying and creative job. These careers have solid scope and opportunities for anyone who is aspiring to be in the creative business.

Animators are required in all fields of entertainment business; whether its advertising, filmmaking, cartoons, PR or production value, they are needed. In the case of multimedia, there is literally no stopping to how much one can achieve. The sky is the limit is you are determined enough. The top animation institutes would help you strengthen your career.

animation course

How much does the best animation course cost?

A very age-old pre-conceived notion attached to an animation course is that it would be heavily expensive. However, that is completely untrue. You would find that the best animation course does not really cost a fortune. It is an affordable fee structure.

learn animation

In addition to that, you do get to learn from the best faculty members with 100% placement assistance by the end of the training. The amount you pay for your fee would ultimately come back to you in greater sums after the placements are done in top companies.

Trust me on this, the fees are the least of your worries. A lot of students also get great scholarship offers as well on the basis of their merit.

animation course

Let’s talk about Hi-Tech Animation for instance; here the best students get directly placed in the Hi-Tech’s very own production studio. The other students are placed with calls and interviews until and unless they are properly placed in a studio or a company.

Student speak about learning:

Hence, you shall be investing in a course that has a lifelong career guarantee. Do not hesitate from making a small investment for your bright career ahead.

Good Luck!

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