Which Institute is best for animation in Kolkata?

Animation happens to be one of the most sought after training courses in Kolkata. It is one of those careers which is completely recession proof. There would never be a time when you would not have career opportunities in this sector. An animation course has incredible number of opportunities for students who pursue this course.

animation course in Kolkata

The best college is Hi-Tech Animation which provides the top animation courses for students interested in his field. You do not have to be a media expert or a drawing pro in order to pursue animation at all.

Now you might wonder why we are claiming this institute to be the best one. Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should select Hi-Tech Animation for your education.

animation courses in kolkata

100% Placement Assistance Guaranteed

Hi-Tech provides 100% placement assistance to all the students who have ever completed training in this field. Hi-Tech Animation gives immense importance to the placement facilities which students receive. Not all institutes would be able to provide you with such qualitative placements and job facilities to all students.

animation course

Best Companies Hire

Only the best companies come to hire from Hi-Tech Animation. Since it is among the top 3 animation courses in Kolkata, typical companies do not come to hire here. The best studios like Red Chillies Entertainment, Balaji and many more choose to employ talented animators from here.

animation Institute

Only in this institute would you find such high end placements.

Talented Faculty

The staff at Hi-Tech Animation is extremely talented and qualified. These mentors who would teach you animation have real life experience working in post production studios. Getting to learn from real life professionals is a privilege in itself.

These teachers are extremely qualified and experienced. In no other institute are there such great opportunities for students to learn.

In-House Studio experience

Hi-Tech Animation has a studio of its own. Hi-Tech’s studio creates content for a lot of regional and national platforms. The best students of the class get directly absorbed in this studio and have an opportunity to work here.

animation Course

This studio experience would help you learn a lot practically. In addition to that, this is the only institute with a production studio of its own. In no other institute shall you find such incredible opportunities.



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